Thursday, June 18, 2009

You're a bum!

Here's a clip of Alex Rios of the Toronto Blue Jays leaving a charity gala in Toronto. From this clip, it looks like Alex turned away a young fan who wanted to get an autograph and was then heckled by another fan for the current batting slump he's in.

A couple days after this clip made the rounds on the interweb, Rios made an official apology for the outburst.

You think he would have apologized if Youtube wasn't around?

Social networking tools and advances in technology are changing the behaviours of human beings. Pro-athletes are thinking twice before losing their cool in public or even turning down kids who want autographs.

These guys and girls are considered role models for kids but are under a lot of pressure to not only perform on the field, but also carry themselves professionally off of it.

There's plenty of examples of how technology changes individuals and society. But professional sports specifically has a lot of intriguing stuff.

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