Monday, June 22, 2009 Update!

As of Monday June 22nd, a grand total of $3,315 was raised to send Jason Gregor to Montreal. On friday, Oiler fans will have a source to provide all the up-to-date news regarding the NHL Entry Draft.

Here's a link to the latest blog entry.

They are definitely on to something.

A group of fans who want in-depth coverage and analysis of an important event just raised enough money to send a correspondent. Mind you, it's a person that is in the business and has lots of professional experience. Regardless, it's a great example of what a group of fans can accomplish with the help of the internet and social networking tools.

What this also shows is how demanding fans can be.

There will be hours upon hours of coverage from the major networks such as TSN and Sportsnet. But they provide more of a blanket-approach, attempting to cover all the Canadian teams and the major stories.

These Oiler fans, however, want in-depth analysis of their team and ALL the stories that relate.

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